SCPanel is designed to allow a web host to easily create and manage Shoutcast servers in a production environment. By purchasing SCPanel you will be one of the few early adopters of automated Shoutcast hosting. SCPanel will allow your company to easily broaden your range of hosting services and attract more customers.

Without SCPanel, Shoutcast hosting is difficult to maintain and regulate. SCPanel resolves these problems by providing web hosts the ability to define the Shoutcast bandwidth/bitrate limits, and many other Shoutcast settings. SCPanel enables web hosting companies to effectively organize and run a Shoutcast business.



Requires no special control panel in order to function, but also may easily be integrated with popular web hosting control panels. Supported on Linux and FreeBSD operating systems.


Support for WinAmp, Windows Media Player, Quicktime and Real Media Player listeners (broaden the audience a Shoutcast radio may reach.)


Automatically setup SCPanel accounts when an order with payment has been received, automatically suspend overdue accounts, and so forth.